About Ruthless Endeavor

Welcome to Ruthless Endeavor!

Established EQ2 Guild serving Butcherblock since 2009.

Hopefully by the time that you have read this you have found our Guild Hall.  Please enjoy our spacious home, you may need to leave a trail of breadcrumbs to find you way back out. Keep an eye out for the one who goes unnamed... Pense…  you have been warned!

We welcome alts and ask that you place your main characters name below your alts name; we all have short term memory loss and can’t remember everyone :)

The trade skill area is fully equipped and we have the harvesters that any member can collect, deposit and send them back out to gather more.  We encourage all members to use the crafter room!

Guild hall depots for most items are provided to members at no charge.  We ask if you use them to also help keep them stocked as they are for everyone to use.   


Interested in raiding with RE?  We welcome RE members, guests and members from Alliance Guilds to join our raid teams.  As we grow in size and complexity, we will require all those wishing to attend our raids to register via this web site and sign up for the raids.  You must sign up with the toon you wish to raid on, as that will be the toon on the raid schedule.  Raid teams will have their characters listed on the roster with DKP awarded and spent.

The current needs of the raid team are listed to the left in the membership box.
Please speak to any of the officers regarding joining the raid team.

Thanks again for joining and welcome!
See you in game!

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