About Ruthless Endeavor
Welcome to Ruthless Endeavor!
Established 2009, a Maj’Dul EQ2 Guild!

Hopefully by the time that you have read this you have found our Guild Hall.  We are located off the Antonica Docks, a Tier 3 Restored Guild Hall.  Damiya the Divine Pally will assist you if you're lost… or pound you into the ground like a Bug if you misbehave.
Once in the guild hall, feel free to look about and enjoy.  The top floor is the private suites and home of Tiarna.. the grand witchdoctor..  don’t make him angry.. we still haven’t found the last new member that went up to the strip club on the top floor and didn't tip the ogre.

Please enjoy our home, we are very proud of our decorators, Toonswashy he continues to surprise us with new and innovative designs for all of us to enjoy.  Please watch out for the trap doors thou... dammit Toon.

We welcome your alts here, we ask that you pick one main, and mark the rest of your alts as your alts.  Toons that are left untagged for a duration are at risk to be removed.
We are very proud of our trade skill area is fully furnished with all tables, forges, stoves and more!  Please look for the trade skill clickies to add in your crafting!  The harvesters that any member can collect, deposit and send them back out to gather more.  We encourage all members to use the crafter room! 

Guild hall depots for most items are provided to members at no charge.  We ask if you use them to also help keep them stocked as they are for everyone to use.   We frown heavily on Raffic items and no warnings will be given, if a player is found making these without prior approval of the officers they will be immediately removed.  Appropriate signage and warnings are posted in the crafting area concerning these.

Please take note that we are a family atmosphere in guild chat and public channels.   

We have three amazing Class Officers!:  Ahyes with the healing touch: Anjelique, the wanna be mage mighty: Suzze the Ranger Danger and our Epic 2.0 counciler.


Interested in raiding with RE?  We welcome RE members, guests and members from our Alliance Guilds to join our raid teams. We use a standard SK DKP system, please see the raid forums for additional information.  Be watchful for Ejic.. for he is the grand auctioneer and hands out the phat lewt at raids.. you want to keep him happy.

The current needs of the raid team are listed above to the left in the membership box.
Please speak to Airablade aka the papertank / Binlin aka the slackador regarding joining the raid team.

Thanks again for joining and welcome!
See you in game!
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